Meet “Jack”


Jack was born and raised in neighboring Roxbury and graduated from Roxbury High School in 1985. He played varsity football for the “Gaels.” One of his favorite high school teachers was from Byram Township.

When he married Kristen Pedersen, a life-long Lake Lackawanna/Byram Township resident, he moved to Byram.  Jack and Kristen have raised three daughters through the Byram Schools and Lenape Valley Regional High School systems. Kristen still has family in Lake Lackawanna and in North Byram. Jack’s brother Thomas Gallagher and family live on Lynn Dr., Forest West. Jack’s parents just bought a house in Lake Lackawanna moving from Medford, NJ.

Jack and Kristen’s daughters, Alicia, Courtny and Jacqueline, have been very active in sports and Jack has been active in Byram Girls Softball, coaching for eight years. Courtny and Jacqueline are students at LVR.

Recently, Alicia married Mike Henry, another life-long Byram resident. They have purchased a home in Byram. Mike works as a police officer in Tewkesbury Township and is a volunteer firefighter with the Byram Township Fire Department. Alicia works at Lynne’s Nissan in Byram and attends SCCC. Mike has a degree in criminal justice from County College of Morris.

Jack and Kristen

Jack and Kristen