Post Office for Byram Township?

Unfortunately the United States Postal Service has declined every effort to site a Post Office in Byram Township.  However, through the efforts of Congressman E. Scott Garrett, residents of Byram Township (and other communities in Sussex County served by a neighboring Post Office), have been granted permission to use their town name and the zip code of the delivery post office.

This means, if you are a Byram Township resident, you may use Byram Township and the appropriate zip code as follows:

Instead of Stanhope, N.J. 07874 you can use Byram Township, N.J. 07874

Instead of Andover, N.J. 07821 you can use Byram Township, N.J. 07821

Instead of Sparta, N.J. 07871 you can use Byram Township, N.J. 07871

photo by Joyce Bambach

photo by Joyce Bambach