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Neat Information About Byram Township

Did you know that Byram Township is in the top 100 places to live in New Jersey? Since there are 566 municipalities in New Jersey, Byram is in the top 18% of New Jersey municipalities. Our schools, our environment and our government, among other elements, are the reasons for such a favorable recognition.

Did you know that the late singer-songwriter Harry Chapin performed special concerts for the Byram Township PBA? Growing up, Harry spent much of his youth in Byram and his family still spends time here. He had a special feeling for Byram.  

Did you know that the Jordache Jeans commercial with the cowgirl riding a mechanical bull was filmed at Wild West City?

Did you know that the Lackawanna Cut-Off that runs through Byram was constructed with a large number of Chinese immigrant laborers? Some say that the cut-off is the second longest hand man-made excavation in the world.

Did you know that there once was a large hotel where the Cranberry Lake Clubhouse now stands and that Frenche’s Grove was once an amusement park complete with a steam train and carousel? A passenger train brought visitors to the Cranberry Lake train platform so spend time at the lake and to stay at the hotel.


Did you know that present day Stanhope and Hopatcong Boroughs were once Byram Township? Thus, there is Byram Cove on Lake Hopatcong.

“Eskil” is a common man’s name in Sweden. It is traditional in Sweden to take a father’s first name and add ’son’ to make a son’s last name. It is not easy to do a genealogy when the surname changes generation to generation.