New Jersey Poem of the Month

‘Celebrate New Jersey 365′ Poem of the Month, July 2007

In 2007, the State of New Jersey promoted a program titled, “Celebrate New Jersey 365.” People were encouraged to submit, in twenty-five words or less, comments about their favorite locations, historic events and people, vacation points,  etc. in the state. The promoters then selected and published one comment about the state each day.

After looking at the comments for several months, Skip Danielson felt that he could put many of the thoughts into a poem within the word limit. He wrote the following poem:

Cool clear streams, streams of consciousness

Fields of dreams and fields of corn

Rolling surf and rolling hills

Brilliant minds, historic times

Sunrise over Gotham, sunset through the Gap

My New Jersey

Cranberry Lake at Dusk

Cranberry Lake at Dusk