Lighting Donation Form


Last year, Byram Township began a seasonal lighting project that resulted in the installation of power supplies on two dozen JCP&L poles along Rt. #206. Although the pricing for the project placed such installations at about $175 each, a policy change caused the installations to be done by an approved subcontractor and the price went to over $450 each.

We raised over $10,000 in donations to cover the power supply installations and we borrowed the decorative lighting from the Hopatcong Businessmen’s Association because we didn’t have enough funds to purchase our own.

This year, we would like to go forward with the project again and purchase our own decorations. Like the power supplies, the decorations are about $450 each for a total of about $10,800. The new decorations will be quite visible in the daylight even before the lights come on. They will have at least a ten year life-span.

We have about sixty days to raise the funds for the seasonal lights in order for them to be ordered and installed around Thanksgiving.

Your assistance is requested in promoting Byram Township during the holiday season.

We all know that the current economic conditions are not the best but if we can get together, this project will be a success. Please consider making a donation. Thank you.

I/we would like to donate $______ to the Byram Township Seasonal Lighting Campaign.
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Please make checks payable to: ‘Byram Township Seasonal Lighting Campaign’
10 Mansfield Drive
Byram Township, NJ 07874

Thank you. Byram Township Mayor and Council