Meet Skip

Skip Danielson

Skip Danielson

When a child was standing with his grandmother watching a movie actor who played Tarzan dive from the high board at the Marine Pool in about 1950, little did he know he would eventually be the chief of police and subsequently the mayor of the township that included that pool. When that same boy and his family left the frequent visits to Mama Jo’s on Lake Mohawk and caught some hot dogs at the Post Canteen on Route 31, Cat Swamp Hill, in Byram Township, little did they know they would all live there in that great township some day.
The Marine Pool is now Cruiser Swim Club. Route #31 is now Route #206. The Post Canteen was most recently Lee and Sons bait and tackle shop. In those days, that little boy walked to school in Dover via Byram Avenue. Mayor Skip Danielson was that little boy.

When, as a teenager, Skip Danielson was fighting forest fires with his Dad, Sonny, and then- Mayor C. O. Johnson along then recently bulldozed roads, little did he know he would some day see houses on those roads and know them as Sherwood Forest Drive, Winding Way, Crescent Drive and Sleepy Hollow Road.

When Skip was a college professor and completing graduate school, little did he know that his application to start a police department in Byram Township would lead to a life-long dedication to the citizens of the township, the County of Sussex, the State of New Jersey and his beloved USA.

Mayor Eskil S. “Skip” Danielson, his wife, Judy, and his children have been proud to call Byram Township home since 1971. Skip’s parents even spent their last years in their own home on Manu Trail.

“Chief”/”Mayor” Skip Danielson, as many people who know him best refer to him, wants to continue to serve Byram Township. His roots are deep in the township and his branches continue to reach out to anyone or any organization needing his assistance. He has served on the Lakeland Emergency Squad since 1971. He coached Hobb Engler Little League for nearly two decades. He mentored two Boy Scouts of America Explorer Posts and he continues to frequently counsel scouts seeking merit badges. He helps returning National Guardsmen and Reservists (of all ‘Seven Seals’) to regain their jobs they had when they left for duty. He networks for Byram Township with the New Jersey Conference of Mayors and the Sussex County and New Jersey Leagues of Municipalities. He is on a first name basis with elected and appointed officials in dozens of municipalities, Sussex and surrounding counties, the State Assembly and Senate, Trenton officials and members of Congress.

Skip relaxes frequently by singing Karaoke at area restaurants. He has also won Karaoke contests and has performed at the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce Champions of the Grill and the New Jersey State Fair. He sings songs by Harry Chapin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis and others.

Skip wants to continue to proudly serve as Mayor of Byram Township and requests the support of voters to re-elect him on May 12, 2009.