Continuity of Leadership

Mayor Skip Danielson has been an ‘outside the box’ public servant in and for Byram Township for nearly 40 years. He has not only ‘talked the talk’ but he has ‘walked the walk.’ Jack Gallagher brings community service and a keen understanding of all aspects of construction, including energy-saving ‘green’ building technologies, to the Danielson/Gallagher campaign for mayor and council. Together with current council members, they will:

Continue to foster non-residential growth to ease residential tax burdens.

  1. Support the economic turn-around of local commerce by affirmatively supporting the NJDOT safety and traffic flow improvements on Route #206.
  2. Continue to attend the monthly meetings of the Byram Chamber Council of the Sussex County Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Continue to network with entrepreneurs as Mayor Danielson has done resulting in almost 45,000 square feet of commercial development approved by the Byram Township Planning Board now just waiting an economic turnaround.

Continue to focus on “people issues,” with the taxpayers in mind at all times.

  1. Support an effort to turn the “Consolidated School” into “green” senior citizen housing while retaining the historic ‘original’ structure for seniors’ programs.
  2. Continue to support the “green” renovation of the municipal complex and especially the annex ‘trailers.’ This effort is necessary for the workplace safety of our employees and to protect our valuable records for Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government, a federal program.
  3. Continue to be fiscally responsible and to enhance a long tradition of shared services and inter-governmental cooperation.

Continue to promote Byram Township as a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

  1. Continue to support our ever-growing recreational programs and facilities which provide opportunities for all Byram residents.
  2. Continue to support and promote comprehensive public safety through our highly respected Byram Township Police Department, our volunteer Byram Township Fire Department and our longest shared service, the Lakeland Emergency Squad, which celebrates its’ 70th anniversary this year.
  3. Continue our Environmental Commission’s efforts to keep our “Township of Lakes” waters clean and pollution free.
  4. Continue to recruit volunteers to serve on our commissions and committees and continue to support our Planning/Land Use Board in their efforts for Byram.
  5. Continue to engage the services of highly respected professionals to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation.

photo by Joyce Bambach

photo by Joyce Bambach